Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Campus
Rules & Regulations

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer College Rules and Regulations

  • All aircraft maintenance engineer candidates are to be in the uniform unless specially authorized due to any health Reasons.

  • Class hours will be 8.45 a.m to 4.30 p.m.

  • Students must carry the identity card issued by the Institute.

  • Normal discipline will be maintained within and outside the campus.

  • Mobile phone usage is strictly prohibited inside the campus.

  • Smoking and drinking liquor is strictly prohibited.

  • 80% of attendance for each subject is mandatory.

  • Absenteeism without prior permission will be considered seriously. However, in the case of the emergency medical problem, medical certificate from a component medical authority is to be produced.

  • The students should possess their own technical log book, notebooks, Engineering Drawing instruments, tool box etc.

  • Ragging of Any kind inside the campus is strictly prohibited and strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.

  • Parent/Guardian should attend P.T.A meeting of every semester reopening session in order to complete re-admission procedures as well as to analyze the student’s previous semester performance.

  • During the course, students are not permitted to discontinue at any stage as their own. Any such withdrawal, the student shall be liable to pay the complete course fees.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Learning Outcomes

  1. Inspect and service aircraft systems utilizing current and relevant theories and principles.

  2. Inspect, test, troubleshoot and repair aircraft and components.

  3. Installation of aircraft engines, aircraft parts, components and aircraft structures as part of routine and unscheduled maintenance.

  4. Aircraft systems, structures, instruments, and related components using technical manuals, technical drawings and standards of performance and protection diagnose malfunctions or other problems.

  5. Complete structural and non-structural repairs and modifications by following applicable procedures and safety precautions, and meeting airworthiness standards.

  6. Perform component analysis using appropriate measuring devices to determine wear and fatigue repair or replacement tasks in order to maintain the aircraft`s airworthiness and safety.

  7. Perform aircraft maintenance, repair and modification procedures on aircraft systems, structures, instruments, and related components to maintain aircraft safety and airworthiness.

  8. Dismantle and reassemble airframes, aircraft engines and other systems for inspection and repair.

  9. Interpret written instructions, schematics, manufacturer`s specifications, technical drawings, manuals, and computer based information while performing routine and unscheduled tasks.

  10. Maintain detailed inspection, repair, maintenance, and certification records and reports to meet Canadian aviation regulations and logbook requirements.

  11. Perform all duties in a manner that ensures adherence to Canadian aviation regulations, airworthiness standards and workplace safety.

  12. Identify and apply discipline-specific practices that contribute to the local and global community through social responsibility, economic commitment and environmental stewardship.