AME Entrance Exam Syllabus | Marking Scheme

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Entrance Exam Syllabus (AME) 2018

Basic 'AME Entrance Exam' Standard

A)  All basic examinations must be carried out using the multiple choice question.
B)  The passing mark for CAR-66 module and sub-module multiple choice part of the aircraft engineering entrance exam is 70%.

"Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Entrance Exam"

At the final of each Semester ame entrance exam are conducted by the Institute as per the DGCA guideline. On undefeated within the semester examination, a mark sheet giving details of the marks obtained in every subject are issued to the candidates. On successful completion of the coaching, the Institute shall award a certificate. The ‘ame entrance exam syllabus’ and pattern includes subjective problems, MCQ type, and practical cum Oral question papers. The minimum share of passing marks to be secured by every candidate within the semester exams is 70% solely when clearing the semester examination with the specified share, students are promoted to subsequent semester.

Qualifying Marks in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Entrance Exam

The aircraft engineering entrance exam passing mark in every subject is 70%. Students who are not successful in passing some subjects of a semester could also be re-examined for those subject(s) till they pass the whole semester. Aircraft engineering exams conducted by DGCA will be written solely when passing the specified semester examinations.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Entrance Exam 2018

DGCA Exam Syllabus

Semester Exams : After all the semester ame entrance exam are completed with success by the scholars, the Institute forwards their application forms to Central Examination Organisation, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India for AMEEE (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Entrance Exam) for Licence . The AMEEE for Paper 1, 2 and 3 are conducted by DGCA thrice a year.

  • The 1st one within the month of Gregorian calendar month,
  • The 2nd within the month of June and
  • Also the 3rd one within the month of October each year.
    The minimum share of pass marks to be secured by every candidate within the DGCA licence examination is 70%. 
    We’ve got expert faculty team that provide guidance and training for ‘aircraft engineering licence’ examination.

Our campus has been systematically achieving best leads to Delhi NCR from the last 25 years. In each session of DGCA licence Examination, our candidates have secured high ranks in Central Delhi in India.

After DGCA Exam, Placement of All India Aircraft Maintenance Engineering