Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

Everything that you need to know about AME

JEE AME - Joint Entrance Examination "Aircraft Maintenance Engineering"

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is known as AME, is a 4 years License course that is directed by DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), Government of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation. “Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for security and safety of the Helicopters, Aircraft and other flying modes. They are specifically trained to perform a complex maintenance process including regular maintenance program as per the Aircraft manufacturers wants and circulate a Flight Release Certificate that shows the flight is good to go and represent the safety before each flight. To carry out this maintenance course and present a “Flight Release Certificate” an individual has to take 3 years training program by an approved institution to receive their Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License from DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, and Government of India.

JEE AME - Joint Entrance Examination "Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering"

Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering is know as AME is a 4 year Degree course that is regulated by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), Govt of India. Basically “Aeronautical Engineering” is branch of Btech, but its top branch of btech, because ‘aeronautical maintenance engineering’ (AME) is covered by all btech branches like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science of engineering, electrical and electronics engineering and automobile engineering, thatwhy its very different program. 

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft maintenance engineers try to build and maintain avionics equipment in order to make flying one of the safest modes of transport. “Aircraft maintenance engineering” is a job that requires adroitness, technical skills, a close attentiveness to detail and great troubleshooting skills. Being an ‘aircraft maintenance engineering’ is both challenging and gratifying, and it’s a qualification used in a wide area of services. To maintain the multi-million-dollar line of the airlines, service corporate jets or practice in light aircraft have to repair at a local airport.

How to get the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Licenses?

Obtaining your “aircraft maintenance engineering license” is very important if you want to become an aircraft maintenance engineer. For that, you have to sit for Associate Membership Exam certification which is conducted by Aeronautical Society of India itself. In order to clear this exam, first, you have to enrol in an institute which is approved by DGCA on the basis of above eligibility and requirements.

Institutes who are approved by DGCA have the authority to offer this course which is necessary for clearing the Associate Membership Exam. Once you have successfully cleared exams Section A& B DGCA will give you an aircraft maintenance engineering license and then you can call yourself an ‘aircraft maintenance engineering.

The age limit is set in between 18-23 years, so if you are below 23 or of 23 years you can apply for this course. However, it is comfortable for engineering and science graduates Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

In the Mechanical stream, individuals learn about Light aircraft, Piston engine, Heavy aircraft and Jet engine. But in Avionics they learn about Electrical systems, Radio navigation, and Instrumental systems. Depends on what your dreams are you can choose anyone of the streams.

Total Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course duration is 3 years and during this time individuals have to sit on 4 papers to get their license. Each year is consisting of 2 semesters which means there are 5 semesters in total. Individuals are allowed to take part in basic Paper 1 of the ‘aircraft maintenance engineering license Exam. Later they have to sit on Paper 2 at the end of the second year (fourth semester) and finally Paper 3 will be held in the third year.

Just by taking these 3 papers and by successfully clearing all of them individuals will get their Basic “Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Certificate (BAMEC) which is issued by DGCA. After that individuals are eligible to join the field duty in the same industry.

However, you will only get the full “Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license” once you clear Paper 4 in your specific area of competence. The final issued ‘Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license’ will be equivalent to an aerospace engineering BE degree from any given college.

Joint Entrance Examination Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering and Aircraft maintenance engineering could be an appealing career if you want to do something other than medicine and general engineering courses. For individuals who are anxious to know about aircraft, this field of engineering (‘Aircraft and Aeronautical maintenance engineering’) could be a right choice as they can fulfil their desire about working on an aircraft.

There are several reputed institutes are available in India itself. All of them are recognized internationally as after doing aircraft maintenance engineering you’ll get the chance to work in a foreign country. If you want to get admission in “Aircraft maintenance engineering” below are mentioned the eligibility and requirement. These requirements are almost same for every other institute in India.

The first thing that will make you eligible for aircraft maintenance engineering is that you have to complete 10+2 with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Math) and have to give an entrance exam.

Documents that you may require to get admission in "AME 2019"

  • Original Mark Sheet of class 10th board.
  • Original Mark Sheet of class 12th board.
  • Migration certificate.
  • Eight recent passport photos of Applicant all coloured.
  • Some passport size photograph of their parents/guardian.
  • A medical certificate that shows there is no sign of colour blindness, duly signed by a registered physician.
    Diploma certificate related to engineering (only if you are applying on the basis of a Diploma course).