Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

JEE (AME) – The institute crafting out the best professionals

Aircraft maintenance training institute is recognised by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India. The two years license program offered by AME is one of the most specially designed course for AME Engineering,.

IIAME engineer Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Entrance Exam 2018

AME is the leading campus who prepares the best Aircraft maintenance engineer each year. The AME engineers takes care of the maintenance, security and safety of the aircrafts which includes helicopters and any other sort of flying machines. They are also given the responsibility to carry out the complex maintenance programs according to the FRC (Flight Release Certificate) regulation before the flying machines starts off. Hence, with immense opportunities and attractive salary structure this is one of the most promising job sector in the present times.

IIAME Salary campus AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Entrance

AME Industry in India

Through by JEEAME Entrance Exam Students get admission in AME Top Institute / Colleges approved by DGCA (Govt. of India),and we take care that each of the candidates who passing out gets well settled for a bright future. The placement is generally in general aviation or airlines (both national and international airlines) or government aviation or for any other organisations that requires an aircraft for business. that’s why , the scope for the AME are huge. Even the aircraft manufacturing industry requires maintenance engineers and the Government of India in the recent policy on aviation has declared around 3.4 lacs of jobs in this sector. The career opportunity is vast for ‘AME’.

  • The website contains all the required information about AME. One can “download Full Syllabus, Sample Paper, Previous Year Papers, syllabus, result status” and every other important information from the website. After the counselling process the students can start their journey with AME. You can also find the FAQs related to the admission, about AME and the course on the website.

IIAME is one of the top ranking Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institute in India. It has got excellent technical infrastructure for the training of students which includes its own live aircrafts, state of arts laboratory & workshpos.

20 Years of glorious excellence in aviation education with 100% academic result. Approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. Today IIAME is the most trusted brand and leader in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering & Aviation Education in India.

This course is valid in 192 countries of the world which are member nations of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). Thus doors of 192 countries of the world are open for the candidate, after successful completion of the course. Apart from Civil Aviation, AMEs are also recruited in Government bodies such as DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation), HAL-Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, BSF, Coast-Guard etc. Also they are absorbed in Private Sector, Power Sector, Corporate Sector etc.

India is going to be 3rd largest aviation market in the world after US & China requiring thousands of aircrafts, helicopters & extensive maintenance facility which will give opening to thousands of career opportunity in aviation industry. As per the government estimate our 3.3 lacks jobs will be created in next few years of time.

We are accredited by some of top 500 ranked companies in India and abroad for placement our students. IIAE has placed over 80% of students in Indian & foreign airlines with high salary packages. Alumni of IIAE could be identified in top class national & international aviation companies.

AME is an international course regulated by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). IIAE trained students are serving to all major airlines & general Aviation industries in India, Nepal, Europe & Middle East. If one wants international career AME is the best course for him.

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